Google tool helps you find out if your password has been stolen; know how to use

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Browser extension offers a security check-up of passwords and logins

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The data leakage of 223 million Brazilians continues to worry Internet users. Face photos, credit scores, addresses and even salaries were exposed on the Deep Web. While the Ministry of Justice is investigating the case, a Google tool can help you improve the security of your passwords.

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This is the “Password Checkup” website. Article link– Advertisement - by Valueimpression

The browser extension checks the security level of your passwords and analyzes whether it was used after a data leak. At the end of the analysis, the website offers a report explaining the weaknesses in the protection of your accounts and accesses.

To use the tool, simply access the website, log in to your Google account and follow the steps displayed on the screen.

Mega leak

In an interview with CNN, lawyer and economist Renato Opice Blum, who is coordinator of the postgraduate courses in Digital Law at FAAP and the Brazilian School of Law (Ebradi), stated that the commercialization of data from the ministers of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) and the President Jair Bolsonaro may be the biggest data leak in the country’s history.

“It seems that this is perhaps the biggest data leakage here in Brazil,” said Blum. “There is even a police investigation underway in the state of São Paulo, but this news that the Federal Police is also going to enter the investigation is positive because it ends up helping and improving the tools,” he added.

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The expert pointed out that it is always very difficult to find the source of the data leak, but that the General Data Protection Law, in force since September last year, brings a series of rules and obligations for companies dealing with personal data.

“[A lei] it aims to prevent, when there is a leak, damage or at least the exposure of the people listed in those databases, “said Blum.

(With information from Jorge Fernando Rodrigues)

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